We’re hiring a Brand Marketing Mgr

Positive Food Co.
5 min readJul 16, 2021

Brand Marketing Mgr
Full time
Los Angeles


About us

  • Premium grab & go brand
  • Launched in 2018
  • Customers include Whole Foods, Bristol Farms and Thrive Market

We are Positive. We believe that building a great brand starts with a great product. We care deeply about making a quality product. We make beautiful, delicious grab & go food using clean, fresh ingredients. We pay particularly close attention to what we source. We also care about how our product looks and feels to customers — from our packaging and labels even down to how the food is plated in the tray.

We make a variety of ready-to-eat products: vegan overnight oats, chia puddings, fresh salads and hot meals (entrees). Meals are made by our team in our commissary kitchen in South Los Angeles. We are proud to make our food in town. Our team is local, loyal and they are very thoughtful about their craft.

We started Positive with a focus on making a high quality product. We felt like so much food being sold at retail stores was just mediocre. We wanted to change that because we think food is really important. We care about where it comes from, how it’s made, how it affects our bodies and minds, and what a difference a good meal can make in terms of our energy level, productivity and enjoyment.

We have been growing rapidly this year. We’re in nearly 100 grocery stores, and have plans for a lot more growth. Up until now we’ve not hired anyone for brand/marketing, but that’s about to change. We need help.

About you

  • Growth-minded individual
  • Potential > experience
  • You know how to hustle

We are looking for someone to manage and grow our brand as we roll out Positive to more grocery and retail stores across California. We’ve got lots of moving parts, and we need someone to bring it all together, and align it such that our brand runs smoothly across the various end customer touch points, from our packaging labels to our IG account.

You’d be a part of a tight knit team that is passionate about what we do, but also highly pragmatic. We’re builders at heart. We are an operations-heavy business, and think through every possible scenario. We’re looking for someone who would be a good team fit above all else. We care more about what you’re capable of doing rather than past accomplishments, though we want someone to come in with a sense of confidence that they’d be successful at this role.

Your role

  • Build the brand
  • Packaging & label design/copy
  • Website, social and customer touch points
  • Partner marketing campaigns

You’d be empowered to take ownership of our brand, which is what customers see, touch and feel when they pick up a Positive product, or visit our website or hear about us from someone else. We want a strong resource manager, but also capable of rolling up their sleeves and getting stuff down on their own. We believe in letting individuals take ownership. We want you to take the branding topic off our plates, though we will work with you to make sure you have the resources and authority to be successful in this role.

You will be in charge of all customer touch points, from packaging to social media to our packaging and website copy. You will be responsible for getting labels created, printed and implemented with each menu change, which typically happens every three to four months. This label-making process involves working with our production team, reviewing and creating copy, making sure we are compliant with USDA requirements, overseeing any design changes, creating prototypes to try out, and finally getting labels printed to specification so they can be used in production. Our products/labels are seen by tens of thousand retail customers every single day.

You’d also be in charge of our website and social media. Our digital presence needs to flow with our offline/IRL presence so that our brand doesn’t appear disjointed. We want you to bring it all together in a seamless and integrated way, so that we’re telling the same story, in the same tone, with the same voice with the same look/feel.

Lastly, you will work directly with marketing teams at our growing number of retail partners, such as Whole Foods, Pressed Juicery and others, to coordinate and launch successful, data-driven marketing campaigns that are meant to increase engagement and buy over buy. These campaigns will span across retail store locations where we display signage, and will extend to digital channels that our partners use. There are lots of opportunities and directions to go, some paid, some not, some expensive, some not. We want to see what is possible, how to do more with less and make a little go a long way.


If you think you’d be a good team fit, can be passionate about making salads, want to work with a team that cares about their craft and are a little bit perfectionist, we’d love to have a conversation with you.

We’re a small team, so just send an email to hello@positive.co. Include a short blurb about you and who you are. Please include a link to your LinkedIn profile and/or your resumé/CV, too.

Our process

Our hiring process works like this: after an initial review, we will reach out to selected candidates for a video interview. We will then invite a small number of people to meet with our team in person. A decision will be made shortly thereafter.

Team Positive